Reporting Bad Advertisements

We are sorry that you encountered a bad advertisement on Gamepedia!

To help us investigate your report, please tell us which community you were on, which ad you saw, and why it was a problem. It would also be very helpful if you could include a screenshot and the URL of the ad, as well as the operating system you were using when you saw it. Since ads are always geo-targeted, please also include the country you were in when you saw it.

Further details what we view as 'bad ads' and instructions for finding the URL of an ad are listed on our bad ads help page.

Please provide these details on our contact form, we will share them with our advertising manager who will review the ad and may be able to remove it from the system.

Thank you!

(Note: if you wish to place adverts on Gamepedia/Fandom, please see this page.)



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